Research is conducted in both the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Department of Clinical Pharmacy

In addition to teaching the next generation of pharmacists and providing exemplary patient care, faculty in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy (DOCP) are also highly engaged in research designed to enhance the safe and effective use of drugs and to assess patient outcomes associated with medication use. DOCP faculty conduct clinical research across a wide range of therapeutic areas including oncology, neurology, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, geriatric medicine, critical care, infectious diseases, and others. The department is also currently developing a new Center for Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research to enhance research in areas such as pharmacoeconomics and cost-effectiveness analysis, pharmacoepidemiology, health policy research, and pharmacy benefits design.

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (DOPS) consists of an outstanding and collegial group of staff, students, fellows and faculty and all contribute to the considerable success the department has enjoyed in the research arena. We invest heavily in research and attempt to optimize communication between researchers using a number of mechanisms including a two day off-campus research retreat, seminars, and research in progress meetings. As shown in the flowchart below DOPS continues to build in its core areas of pharmaceutical biotechnology, biophysics, toxicology and cancer pharmacology (blue) while pursuing new initiatives in clinical and translational sciences, medicinal chemistry and drug discovery (red). More in-depth information is available on the Research Areas page and on Individual faculty pages




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