PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

From drug discovery all the way to clinical trials, our PhD program in Pharmaceutical Sciences will give you ideal training to become an innovator. Major areas of study include pharmaceutical biotechnology, molecular biophysics, drug delivery, nanotechnology, clinical pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry.


PhD in Toxicology

Come join us as we find answers to pressing medical questions in areas ranging from environmental lung disease to the effects of chemical warfare agents. We’re here to help you develop independent research careers in molecular and environmental toxicology.


PhD in Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research

Who decides if a drug is worth producing? Which drugs should insurance companies cover? How do we determine who gets access to lifesaving therapies? Earn your PhD in Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and join us as we lead the way in evaluating health care interventions and their economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes.


T32 training program in Molecular and Systems Toxicology

T32 training program in Molecular and Systems Toxicology (NIEHS T32 ES029074) is a multi-disciplinary research mentorship program centered on training in systems toxicology including genomics/epigenetics, proteomics, and metabolomics as well as molecular approaches to investigate underlying mechanisms of toxicity.