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Design email to promote events and programs 2 weeks
Registration for special events 2-3 weeks
Social media advertising for events and programs 3 weeks
Marketing campaign development to support programs 6-8 weeks
Printed materials for mailing, invitations, events, and promotion 4 weeks
Tradeshow or promotion materials (e.g., flags, table runners, backdrops, posters) 4 weeks
Swag (e.g., sunglasses, luggage tags, stress balls, key chains) 1 week
Member of Affinity Corps (AKA Speakers’ Bureau) needed for upcoming event 4-8 weeks
Social media post (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) 1-2 days
Website updates (from current content) 1-2 days
New webpage 4 weeks
Website suggestions or changes TBD
Press Release 1 week
Pitch time-sensitive story idea to media 2 days
Recruitment-focused story 2 weeks
“Evergreen” feature story 4 weeks
Photography services 1 week
Event coverage to promote activity 2 weeks
Video production - simple 2 weeks
Video production - complex 8 weeks

*All requests will be prioritized based off current workflow. Advanced notification increases likelihood of deliverable.

Brad Bobel BA

Marketing Professional

Jaron Bryant

Alumni Relations Manager

Jordan Kellerman

Independent Marketing Support

Siyab Khan BA

Website & Marketing Specialist

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Please don’t hesitate to connect with any of the SOP Marcom team with questions or suggestions.