CU TIDE: Technology, Innovation, Discovery Entrepreneurship

Purpose: Increase access to and utilization of digital health, education technology, data science, and other aspects of health informatics in SSPPS teaching and research

  • Integrate tech/informatics content into the existing curriculum
    • Create ideas, share with course directors for consideration
  • Identify data science/technology classes within the CU system that pharmacy students can take
  • Increase SSPPS visibility and collaboration campus-wide involving TIDE topics
  • Implement learning EHR
  • Identify/evaluate informatics/technology APPEs
Heather Anderson

Expertise: data science, pharmacoepidemiology, and real-world data

Technology: Use of big data and associated analytical platforms and tools

Innovation: Leverage real-world data and apply big data methodology to better inform drug safety and effectiveness in clinical practice

Discovery: Use Natural Language Processing to improve the usability of electronic health record data for clinical research that informs real-world evidence

Entrepreneurship: Increase access to big data sources for researchers and graduate students


Christina Aquilante

Expertise: personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Technology: advanced genotyping platforms and clinical informatics tools

Innovation: use of advanced genotyping platforms and clinical informatics tools to integrate PGx results and therapeutic recommendations in the clinical setting

Discovery: conduct studies to determine the clinical utility and value of personalized medicine and preemptive PGx testing, particularly at the health system level

Entrepreneurship: in collaboration with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine, pursue partnerships that expand personalized medicine and PGx clinical integration and promote transdisciplinary practice models


Meghan Jeffres

Expertise: medical educational technology (MedEdTech)

Technology: use of digital platforms for delivery of medical education

Innovation: gamification of educational content

Discovery: creator of BugOut! and Infectopede mobile app

Entrepreneurship: commercialization of MedEdTech

Laura Saba

Expertise: bioinformatics, machine learning, and big data

Technology: use of advanced omics technology to study disease and treatment of disease

Innovation: new statistical/machine learning algorithms for integrating omics data and phenotype data for network analyses and prediction

Discovery: in silico analyses to identify novel therapeutic targets; bioinformatic/machine learning algorithms to identify unannotated transcript variants

Entrepreneurship: teaching applied statistics and statistical genetics concepts to scientists


Robert Scheinman


Technology: Genetic engineering of protein structure

Innovation: Generation of new protein pharmaceuticals. Engineering of receptors as readouts for synthetic ligands (e.g. using the cannabinoid receptor as a detector for synthetic cannabinoids).

Discovery: Elucidation of mechanisms by which the immune system reacts to nanostructures.

Entrepreneurship: Work with startup companies such as Sudhin Biopharma and Ocugen to create new products.

Katy Trinkley

Expertise: clinical informatics and real-world medication data

Technology: health information technology (healthIT) solutions that optimize guideline directed management and therapies

Innovation: leveraging implementation science, behavioral economics and data science to create cutting edge healthIT solutions

Discovery: creating and evaluating new methods to design and implement healthIT solutions that are consistently effective and scalable across health systems

Entrepreneurship: partnering with industry and start-ups to create innovative and effective healthIT solutions that can be scaled across health systems


Whitley Yi, PharmD, BCPS

Whitley Yi

Expertise: digital technology, consumer informatics and data science

Technology: use of consumer-facing digital platforms and tools to improve health and reduce barriers to care; harmonization and integration of data across consumer-reported and administrative claims sources

Innovation: leveraging AI-powered analytics to drive behavior change and positive habit formation

Discovery: integrating medication expertise with deep learning methodology to improve model performance

Entrepreneurship: development of educational content and online resources to help pharmacists learn about AI in healthcare


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