Marketing Clinical Pharmacy Services in a Community Pharmacy - Marketing clinical pharmacy services in a community pharmacy is a skill that is often not taught in the typical pharmacy curriculum. This may lead to a lack of confidence in marketing valuable pharmacy services. Literature demonstrates many clinical benefits of clinical pharmacy services; however, there is often low enrollment and retention in these services. Therefore, education surrounding marketing for clinical pharmacy services is important for improving pharmacist confidence in marketing. Participants in this course will gain the skills and knowledge needed to:

  • List passive and active methods of marketing in a community pharmacy.
  • Discuss the barriers to marketing clinical pharmacy services.
  • Design methods for overcoming marketing barriers in a community pharmacy setting.
  • Explain the importance of personal relationships in marketing pharmacy services.
  • Assess ways in which pharmacies can use the systems they already have in place to market clinical services.
  • Discuss how frequently a pharmacy needs to market clinical services.
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