Two factors speak to the need for this module. The first is that it speaks to a newly emergent population--young adults whose first experience with nicotine was an electronic device between the years 2018-2020 when such use was labeled "epidemic." They are now adults potentially arriving to Colorado pharmacies seeking assistance to stop using ENDS. Second, there is widespread misinformation about the role of nicotine in causing disease and, relatedly, whether ENDS offer a harm reduction pathway to current adult smokers. Many healthcare providers are under the wrongful notion that nicotine contributes to the major harms of cigarette use. This could unduly interfere with the ability to respond accurately to smokers about ENDS as an alternative to cigarettes.

At the end of this module pharmacist will be able to:

  • Summarize what ENDS are and how the first three generation products differ from the pod-systems.
  • Describe the current patterns of ENDS use among young adults (that's individuals between the ages of 18-24).
  • Discuss the latest developments on whether these devices can be used as cessation devices or harm reduction devices.
  • Provide information that Colorado pharmacists can provide their customers in order to encourage the ENDS-curious toward evidence-based cessation methods.



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