Brian Hemstreet PharmD, FCCP, BCPS

Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Professor

Toni Qualantone MA, NCC

Assistant Director for Student Success and Wellness

Laurie Sein

Director of Career services

Chandler Follett PharmD

Pharmacy Outreach Specialist, Clinical Instructor

Wendy Anderson BS

Senior Outreach Coordinator - Colorado Preceptors

Debbie Gallegos PharmD, BCPS, CPPs 2019-2025

Assistant Director of Experiential Programs, Health System IPPE Course Director, Advanced IPPE Course Director

Dana Hammer RPh, MS, PhD, FNAP

Senior Instructor, Co-Curriculum Faculty Lead

Sarah King MPA

Senior Outreach Coordinator - Out of State/International Preceptors

Greg Lee MM

Assistant Director of Operations, APPE Match Coordinator

Patricia Meyer

IPPE Student Coordinator, Co-Curriculum Coordinator

Wes Nuffer PharmD, BCPS, CDCES, BC-ADM

Professor, Assistant Director of Experiential Programs, Community IPPE Course Director

Emma Rau MA

Academic Compliance & Support Coordinator

Kimberly Stultz PharmD

Clinical Associate Professor (C/T) Assistant Dean for Experiential Programs, APPE Course Director

Cindy Subia

Site Contracts & Drug Testing Coordinator

Shaun Gleason PharmD, MGS

Assistant Dean for Distance Degrees and Programs, Associate Professor

Ashley Mills

Student Services Professional Academic Student Advisor

Monika Nuffer PharmD, CCA (Certified Clinical Aromatherapist)

Academic and Experiential Program Coordinator, Senior Instructor

Madison Ricco PharmD

Post-Doctoral Academic Fellow

Taylor Self M. Ed.

Education Services Coordinator

Elizabeth Tomaro MA

Student Services Professional Academic Student Advisor

Jodie Malhotra PharmD

Director of Practitioner and International Development, Associate Professor

Kayla Bethea M. Ed.

Change and Education Initiatives Program Manager

Adam Jimenez BS

Associate Director of Finance and Administration

Susan Kepner

Program Director, PharmD Education

Katrina Nicholson BS

Business Administration Professional

Jennifer Payne BS

Asst. Director of Program Analysis

Thelma Shive

Finance & Accounting Senior Professional

Vivian Vo

Finance Coordinator

Rochelle Cassell

Business Operations Professional

Shelly Lange

Senior Business Operations Professional

Lisa Gabory

Senior Grants Specialist

Karen Kimes

Director of Research Administration

Nancy Miller

Senior Business Operations Professional

Lisa Montano

Business Services Professional

Eric Barker BA

External Relations Strategist

Michael Davidson

Senior Communications Professional

Jessica Eaddy

Senior External Relations Strategist

Jennifer Mackender

External Relations Strategist

Robert Valuck PhD, RPh

Executive Director of the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention, Professor

A.W. Lukens MEd

Senior Instructional Designer

Brad Bobel BA

Senior Marketing Professional

Jaron Bryant

Alumni Relations Manager

Nicole Sisson BS

Website & Marketing Specialist

Lori Westermann M.A

Director of Marketing, Communications & Alumni Relations.
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