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Design email to promote events and programs 2 weeks
Registration for special events 2-3 weeks
Social media advertising for events and programs 3 weeks
Marketing campaign development to support programs 6-8 weeks
Printed materials for mailing, invitations, events, and promotion 4 weeks
Tradeshow or promotion materials (e.g., flags, table runners, backdrops, posters) 4 weeks
Swag (e.g., sunglasses, luggage tags, stress balls, key chains) 1 week
Member of Affinity Corps (AKA Speakers’ Bureau) needed for upcoming event 4-8 weeks
Social media post (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) 1-2 days
Website updates (from current content) 1-2 days
New webpage 4 weeks
Website suggestions or changes TBD
Press Release 1 week
Pitch time-sensitive story idea to media 2 days
Recruitment-focused story 2 weeks
“Evergreen” feature story 4 weeks
Photography services 1 week
Event coverage to promote activity 2 weeks
Video production - simple 2 weeks
Video production - complex 8 weeks

*All requests will be prioritized based off current workflow. Advanced notification increases likelihood of deliverable.

Brad Bobel Headshot

Brad Bobel BA

Marketing Professional