Potential benefits of participation in extracurricular activities:

  • Allows for social interaction with students from other classes and other schools on campus
  • Builds confidence
  • Develops leadership, organizational and project management skills
  • Promotes interaction with faculty and members of the professional pharmacy community which:
    • Provides options for future letters of recommendation for jobs or residencies
    • Provides opportunities to learn about different career paths
  • Enhances your visibility for nomination to Phi Lambda Sigma or an award or scholarship
  • Provides opportunities:
    • To promote the profession of pharmacy
    • To serve the community
    • To serve as a mentor for underclasspersons (through organizations or tutoring) or to be mentored by upperclasspersons
    • To publish work in journals or present work at professional conferences
    • To attend regional, national or international professional conferences
    • To network with current and future pharmacy professionals


To foster and maintain a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship among components of the School of Pharmacy (including its student body, faculty and staff) as well as the components of the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus.

  • To act as a liaison between students and the administration.
  • To serve as a forum in which information is clarified and disseminated.
  • To advise students of administrative policies and actions.
  • To inform the administration of the concerns and recommendations of the students concerning School of Pharmacy issues.
  • To express only the recommendations of their representative classes and student professional organizations, refraining from personal opinion. This is not to imply that each representative may not freely participate in discussions leading to the formulation of the recommendations of the Student Council.
  • To coordinate student activities within the School of Pharmacy
  • To promote unity among the students, faculty and administration.
  • To create an annual budget to allocate funds for student activities.
  • To ensure representation and facilitate communication with established student organizations within the School of Pharmacy.
  • To be an effective leader:
    • Promote community services activities.
    • Identify needs within the School of Pharmacy, student organizations, the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical campus, the community and the profession.
    • Organize and mobilize students and resources to meet identified needs.
Executive Council
President:Nicholas Perez
Vice President:Sarah Neff
Secretary:Abby Westra
Treasurer:Darian Gamez
Senators:Kam Lee
Sabrina Lopez
Class of 2023 (P4 Class Officers):
President:Barbara Calvert
Vice President:Blake Bruene
Secretary:Hanna Tillman
Treasurer:Marie Sorer
Senators:Cailtin Hart
Haley Lahey
Class of 2024 (P3 Class Officers):
President:Nicholas Perez
Vice President:Sarah Neff
Secretary:Angelica Tran
Treasurer:Latifa Sharker
Senators:Kam Lee
Sabrina Lopez
Class of 2025 (P2 Class Officers):
President: Topanga Aradanas
Vice President: Ava Butyrinski
Secretary: Pia Moreno
Treasurer: Darian Gamez
Senators: Courtney Murray
Kaitlyn Sullivan
Class of 2026 (P1 Class Officers):  
President: Mackenzie Moynahan
Vice President: Elaine Wang
Secretary: Abby Westra
Treasurer: Mai Nguyen
Senators: Amadea Clement
Robert Gale
  • Student Governance
    • Class officers (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer)
    • School of Pharmacy Student Council
    • CU Anschutz Medical Campus Student Senate
  • Focus Groups
  • Class photographer
  • Research Opportunities (working, work study, independent study elective or research elective)
    • Basic science
    • Clinical
    • Administrative
    • Education
  • School of Pharmacy Ambassadors
  • Campus wide interprofessional organizations
CommitteeP1 RepresentativeP2 RepresentativeP3 RepresentativeP4 Representative
AdmissionsLiriam CamposCalvin AlthoffDaniel DonovanBrittany Sjulstad
CurriculumJay-Quan DillDevon SchleyJohna Bezdek ThautMariana Gallegos
ExperientialEvan SutherlandGina HardgravesAlexandra SimsMaddie Ward
AssessmentCindy Nguyen
Immer AlipioSydney PeauroiKurt Spitzer
AlumniMichael ZupkoDarian GamezKam LeeDeliz Rodriguez
EthicsJazmin MaceoJoshua SemockMadeline QuigleyJessica Van Laren
Interprof. EducationZachary PrincipeKaylee MisitiAleta Yushkevich,
Petra Erhardt
Sakura Maekawa

Click on the following links below for more information about the Professional Development Grant process:

Student Professional Development Guide (PDF)
Application for Student Professional Development Funds
Student Organization Reimbursement Form

To be considered for reimbursement, students must complete an application request and submit by the published deadline on the application.

Activities attended during Summer of 2021 Due by 09/01/21
Activities attended 09/01/21 through 10/31/21 Due by 11/03/21
Activities attended 11/01/21 through 12/12/21 Due by 12/15/21
Activities attended 12/13/21 through 03/27/22 Due by 03/30/22
Activities attended 03/28/22 through 05/20/22 Due by 05/18/22

For questions about or assistance with professional development grant awards or reimbursement from the School of Pharmacy, please contact your student council or class treasurer.​​​​​​​​​

OrganizationMissionDescriptionExpectations of MembersActivitiesBenefits


American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

$40 annual membership

Lauren Thompson

Provide a ​dynamic international forum for the exchange of knowledge among scientists to enhance their contributions to healthA professional, scientific association of approximately 12,000 members employed in industry, academia, government, and other research institutes worldwide.Attendance of monthly meetings and events is highly encouraged — but ​not required.​Annual national meeting, CV and resume workshop, career panel.Knowledge enhancement, career development, educational opportunities, internships, fellowships, grants


American College of Clinical Pharmacy

$55 annual membership

Daniel Donovan

Advance human ​health by extending the frontiers of clinical pharmacyA professional and scientific society that provides leadership, education, advocacy, and resources enabling clinical pharmacists to achieve excellence in practice and research.Attendance of monthly meetings and events is highly encouraged — but ​not required.​Annual national meeting, Pharmacotherapy Preparatory Review, and Recertification Course, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy preparatory review course.Access to online Pharmacotherapy journal, Membership in one Practice-based Research Network (PRN) for free annually, opportunities to volunteer to participate in national committee work as well as PRN committee work, ACCP Academy Programming, ACCP Research Institute


Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

$45 national dues

$15 local chapter dues

Divya Jain

Serve society by using sound medication principles and strategies to achieve positive patient outcomes.Managed care pharmacy is a field of pharmacy that assists with design and implementation of drug benefits for those Americans covered by health insurance. Managed care pharmacy helps to ensure that those drug benefits are delivered in a safe and cost-effective manner and that patients receive the most appropriate medications.Attendance of monthly meetings and events is highly encouraged- but not required. To participate in winter break P&T competition for academic elective credit, student must be an organization member.P&T Competition, Medicare Part D Planfinder community outreach, professional workshop series, Managed care Roundtable Dinner Series, summer​ internships, national conferencesGraduation cords available to highly dedicated members — inquire with chapter president for more information. 2 elective credits for participation in P&T competition over winter break.


American Pharmacists Association — Academy of Student Pharmacists

$65 annual membership

Also includes membership into Colorado Pharmacists Society

Madeline Quigley

Be the collective voice of student pharmacists, to provide opportunities for professional growth, and to envision and actively promote the future of pharmacy.

Pre-pharmacy students, pharmacy students, and post-BS PharmD students enrolled at an ACPE accredited pharmacy school or college are eligible for membership in APhA-ASP.

Specialized subcommittees include:

  • Operation Diabetes
  • Operation Heart
  • Operation Substance Use Disorder
  • Women’s health
  • Operation Immunization
  • OTC Medicine Safety
  • Operation Pride
  • Operation Mental Health & Wellness

Graduation cords available for highly involved members — contact chapter president for more details

There are no mandatory activities. APhA is an organization that provides many opportunities for students to get involved throughout the school year. We encourage you to get involved in order to get the most benefits out of this organization.Annual Patient Counseling Competition, Operation Immunization, Operation Diabetes, Heartburn Awareness Challenge, Mid-Year Regional Meeting, Annual Meeting, National American Pharmacists Month, social outings, and MORE!Discounted books! It is a national organization that can provide leadership opportunities, networking, and career development. Receive Pharmacy Today and Pharmacy Student. Member only online access to the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association and pharmacist.com, which provides useful information about residencies, internships, and other student resources.


American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

$0 annual national dues

$25 annual membership

Emily Todaro

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists empowers pharmacists to enhance quality of care for all older persons through the appropriate use of medication and the promotion of healthy aging.This organization has a geriatric focus and brings students into contact with the geriatric population while creating opportunities for networking with these specialized pharmacists.Open to all students. Attendance of monthly meetings and events are highly encouraged but not required.​​Brown bag events at senior centers, chart reviews, shadowing at the Colorado State Veterans Home, geriatric pharmacist panel discussion, Alzheimer’s Association Memory WalkNetworking opportunities and real world experience working with geriatric populations.


College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists

$40 national dues

$15 local chapter dues

Courtney Dobbins

To advance the reach and practice of psychiatric pharmacy and serve as the voice of the specialty.CPNP focuses on caring for patients diagnosed with a mental illness or neurologic condition and will connect students with specialized clinical pharmacists in these fields. The organization is devoted to raising awareness about the stigmas associated with mental health and dedicated to overcoming these barriers.Attendance of monthly meetings; involvement in community service projects, social events, educational workshops is strongly encouraged(not required)Stress fest, NAMI walk, first aid seizure training, mental health screening training, community service, social events, MORE!Leadership opportunities, network expansion, shadowing opportunities, research projects, community outreach


Colorado Pharmacists Society


$50/year for 4 years (only for P1 students in their 1st semester

APhA does NOT include CPS membership (updated Summer 2022)

Emily Gray

Colorado Pharmacists Society is committed to improving public health by advancing and supporting the professional practice of pharmacy while serving as the voice of pharmacy in Colorado.

CPS is not a pharmacy student organization but is the only organization that represents all pharmacists in Colorado. The organization is very interested in student involvement.

Affiliated nationally with ASHP and APhA. Membership in student organization, ASP (APhA) will automatically confer membership in CPS.

Open to all students. Attendance of monthly meetings and events are highly encouraged but not required.Dinner series, legislation lunch club, social events, stethoscope fundraiser, annual meetings, immunization clinics, welcome picnic for incoming P1 studentsRepresent all pharmacy students in CO, have input on legislative practice, leadership opportunities, networking with peers and pharmacists


Colorado Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

$67 annual dues

Maija Krumins

To advance and support the professional practice of pharmacists in hospital and health systems and serve as their collective voice on issues related to medication use and public healthThere are no required activities. However, you will get the most of your membership through participation in our community service events and attendance at meetings. These activities are fun and promote the profession of pharmacy.Open to all students. Attendance of monthly meetings and events are highly encouraged but not required.Clinical Skills Competition, Children’s Hospital visits, Faculty Dinner Series, Poison Prevention Week, Shadowing Program, ASHP Mid-Year Meeting, and more!Networking, community outreach, health fair participation, advocacy opportunities, access to ASHP connect and the AJHP


$65 annual membership

Madison Ward

Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA) is an international, nonprofit, professional organization dedicated to improving, and promoting safe medication use in childrenAfford students with an interest in pediatric pharmacy numerous opportunities to augment their professional education including, but not limited to: volunteering activities, participation in events, collaboration on research, and advocacy for the pediatric population.Open to all studentsVolunteering events at Children’s Museum of Denver, Ronald McDonald House, and Children's Hospital Colorado; Fundraising events including Courage Classic, annual cornhole tournament, bake sales, and T-shirt sales; Safe medication disposal events and educational events at local elementary schoolsShadowing opportunities
Mentorship programs
Continuing education opportunities
Professional development activities (e.g., practice interviews, curriculum vitae assistance, residency guidance, etc.)


Industry Pharmacist Organization

$100 national dues
$25 local chapter dues

Alex Nguyen

Dedicated to enhancing student pharmacists’ understanding of the pharmaceutical industryProvides opportunities and resources for students to better understand the pharmaceutical industry. Open to all students. Attendance of monthly meetings and events are highly encouraged but not required.Networking events, fellowship/CV workshops, interview prep, shadowing experience.Networking opportunities, mentorship, access to IPhO national website information, access to internship postings.


International Society for Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research

$Free membership

Neel Vaidya

To educate, increase awareness and promote growth within the 'Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research' field in general and to increase the CU Denver presence among the international society ISPOR. To collaborate across different sciences on campus and different departments worldwide. Promote pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research education by holding regular seminars on current issues in the field and presenting research at least once a year at the annual meeting in the US-Canada region. We expect members to be passionate about the kind of research that is involved related to public health, epidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, and policy. Also, attending our regular educational seminars/webinars is highly encouraged. Details will be emailed to members soon! The opportunity to present research, network and collaborate with faculty from different universities around the world, professionals from industry and research organizations at a global level.


National Community Pharmacists Association

$35 annual membership

Zach Nuss

To promote the pharmacy profession and the role of independent pharmacy; to maintain and expand educational programs, to strengthen student members’ professional. Business and leadership abilities.Provide a forum for pharmacy students to learn about the many career options available in independent pharmacy practice. Encourage leadership and entrepreneurship by allowing students to learn about the business side of pharmacy. Open to all students. Attendance of monthly meetings and events are highly encouraged but not required.Bone marrow drive, brown bag events, business plan competition, compounding classes, dinner with independent owners, health screenings and health fairs, immunization fairs, McKesson warehouse tour, NPLEX Course review, national convention, RxPlus Golf TournamentCommunity service activities, scholarships, networking with independent owners, business plan competition

Pharmacists for Christ


Jessica Van Laren

To bring people who have a common belief together and to provide support and friendship for fellow Pharmacy studentsThe goal of Pharmacists for Christ is to provide students with an organization where they can find strength and support not only in Pharmacy school, but in all aspects of life. As an organization, we wish to examine how Christ lived here on earth and how to serve patients in a Christ-like manner. We also want to learn how to utilize our God given talents to serve our community. Open to all students.Weekly prayer and bible study, bowling, hiking, miniature golf fellowship activities, Operation Christmas Child, volunteeringProvide support through pharmacy school and offer opportunities to serve your community and fellowship with other students.


Phi Delta Chi Professional Fraternity

Cost of dues vary depending on fundraising efforts of new pledges

Alexandra Phen

To serve the field of pharmacy and promote a spirit of brotherhood. One of the few organizations that serve as a professional community and social organization with the aspects of a traditional fraternity.From advice on classes and school from other collegiate brothers to professional guidance throughout your pharmacy career from other Phi Delta Chi professionals across the country, your PDC brothers will always be there for you. Each interested pharmacy student must attend at least one recruitment event prior to being considered a candidate. Once pinning, the interested student becomes a candidate and must complete four requirements in the areas of leadership, brotherhood, philanthropy, and fundraising with their fellow candidates. Once requirements are met, candidates are initiated.Regional meetings, national grand council meetings, leadership development seminars (LDS), Annual Chapter publication, Annual Founder’s Day Dinner, St. Jude’s Walk/Run, volunteering at various organizations, Wing Eating ContestBy joining Phi Delta Chi, you have the unique opportunity to get to know and network with brothers all over the country.

Phi Lambda Sigma

$80 national one-time fee
$10 annual chapter dues
$15 P4 fee for graduation cords

Andrea Segerstrom

The encouragement, recognition, and promotion of leadership in pharmacy. By invitation for students who have completed at least 90 hours of scholastic work applicable toward a recognized pharmacy degree and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50. Those students who have demonstrated dedicated service and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy and are of high moral and ethical character will be nominated to apply. Nominations for membership comes from any voting member of the local chapter.P2 and P3 students must attend >50% meetings each semester, support 1+ PLS event per semester, organize 1+ SOP event/semester, vote in person or proxy. P4s must attend 1 event of join 1 committee and acknowledgment of reading minute meetings.Leadership challenge, Chapter member of the year award, Leadership Development Series, convocation development, faculty mentor program, Ronald McDonald house volunteering, Happy Hour Series with faculty members, CV workshop, conflict management workshop Formal recognition as a leader, honor, faculty mentoring, promotion and fostering of leadership skills

Rho Chi Alpha Theta Chapter

$100 lifetime membership fee

Vinh Thai

The pharmacy academic honor society encourages and recognizes excellence in intellectual achievement and fosters fellowship among its members.Promotes a universal recognition of members as lifelong pharmacy leaders. The fundamental objective of Rho Chi has always been to promote intellectual excellence and the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences through the encouragement and recognition of sound scholarship and critical inquiry. Students must rank in the top 20% of their class by GPA to be eligible for membership. After the selection process, new members are then inducted in the Spring Semester of their P2 year, after completing the required professional didactic courses. Induction dinner, leadership opportunities, research spotlight, medication of the month, philanthropy events, tutoring program, guest speakers, and much moreBe recognized as an academic leader, honor cords to wear at graduation ceremony


$45 membership fee

Kaci Johnson

SNPhA is an educational and community service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about critical issues affecting healthcare and pharmacy practice in diverse and underserved communities.Our main goal is to improve the health outcomes of the underserved populations in our community. We do so by reaching out into our community with health fairs, educational seminars, and fundraising events. Attendance of monthly meetings and participation in SNPhA events is highly encouraged, but not requiredAlzheimer's Walk, Kidney Walk, Health Fairs, Living Water Church Vaccine Clinic and the National Western Stock Show, Shadowing at Sheridan Clinic and Denver Indian Health and Family Services, and Undergraduate mock interviews.Up to $50,000 in scholarship opportunities, Membership discounts, Many volunteer opportunities, Networking skills and opportunities with health care professionals, Interviewing skills and testing guidance for pharmacy school entrance

Student Council


Barbara Calvert

The mission of Student Council is to foster and maintain a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship among components of the School of Pharmacy (including its student body, faculty, and staff as well as the components of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. 6 reps from the P1, P2 and P3 classes (President, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and 2 senate reps) and 4 reps from the P4 class (President, vice-president, secretary/treasurer and senate rep) will be voted on my peers.
One rep from each of the recognized student organizations.
Representatives must attend meetings and have no more than three unexcused absences per year. Members are required to participate in no less than 2 activities during their term of office.Representatives convey the recommendations and/or suggestions of his/her class or student professional organization. Networking, professional relationship development, leadership development