Pharmacist Shadow

Do you want firsthand insight into the field of pharmacy?

The Prospective Student Shadow Program offers a unique opportunity for students aged 18 and above to gain firsthand insight into the field of pharmacy. Participants are paired with a knowledgeable pharmacy faculty member or alum based on their specific area of interest within the field. During the half-day shadow experience, students observe and engage in real-world pharmacy activities, providing a valuable glimpse into the profession. The program is flexible, with date and time arrangements being made once a student expresses interest, ensuring a personalized and convenient experience tailored to their schedule. This initiative aims to inspire and inform aspiring pharmacy professionals by offering a direct connection to the daily practices and career opportunities within the field.

Date and time of the shadow is determined by what practice area they’re interested in and the student’s availability.

Please fill out the below form if you are interested. 

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