Cirila Jones MA, BA

Student Services Office Coordinator

Sumit Upadhyay BPharm

Professional Research Assistant

Shauna Hannon MA

Instructional Design Manager

Caleb Chandler PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Emma Rau MA

Academic Compliance & Support Coordinator

Emma Ansara

Student Asst IV

Emma Allard

Business Services Professional

Khalid Mansour

IT Strategy and Transformation Leader

Andra Dingman

Associate Professor

Alaa Radwan

Research Assistant

Katrina Nicholson BS

Business Administration Professional

Colleen Moya

Executive Assistant

Amanda Ryder MBA

Director of Student Recruitment

Kim Cremers BSPharm, PharmD, PGY1 General Med, PGY2 Oncology

Director/Lecturer; Founder Petrichor Medical Affairs Consulting

Scott Tilden

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Susie Lee

Pharmacist, CU Research Pharmacy

Sharayah Churan BA

Grant Specialist

Amanda Buchholtz BS

Sr. Post-Award Coordinator

Blake Hill PhD

Professor and Chair
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