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A research-intensive department that has long ranked in the top 10% of all schools of pharmacy in both total and NIH-specific funding.

Welcome to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a research-intensive department that has long ranked in the top 10% of all schools of pharmacy in both total and NIH-specific funding. Our research comprises a unique blend of basic and translational science with an emphasis on drug discovery, development, and delivery. Our faculty address real world problems with a direct impact – such as developing first in class inhibitors for colorectal cancer, tracking the ability of the SARS CoV2 spike protein to evade antibody response, and addressing toxicity in populations exposed to synthetic PFAS contaminants. To support our interdisciplinary brand of science, we host multiple centers and core facilities, and constantly invest in new and emerging technologies. For example, as part of our new Center for Drug Discovery, we recently installed high throughput screening and imaging robotics, which represent the only example of its kind between the Coasts and a once in a decade investment. As with our other centers and cores, this instrumentation is available to the Anschutz Campus, the state of Colorado, and the greater Rocky Mountain region. We also maintain multiple PhD programs, and an MS program with specialty tracks and an online option. Collectively, our researchers, faculty and staff are committed to diversity, inclusivity, and sense of community in our quest for transformational science. Please reach out to us with any questions – we look forward to hearing from you.

Blake Hill, PhD – Chair
David Bain, PhD – Vice-Chair
Manisha Patel, PhD – Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

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pharmaceutical biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


Molecular Biophysics


Molecular Toxicology




Clinical and Translational Sciences


Drug Discovery


Systems Approaches


Nanomedicine and Nanosafety

Academic Programs


PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

From drug discovery all the way to clinical trials, our PhD program in Pharmaceutical Sciences will give you ideal training to become an innovator. Major areas of study include pharmaceutical biotechnology, molecular biophysics, drug delivery, nanotechnology, clinical pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry.


PhD in Toxicology

Come join us as we find answers to pressing medical questions in areas ranging from environmental lung disease to the effects of chemical warfare agents. We’re here to help you develop independent research careers in molecular and environmental toxicology.


Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The multidisciplinary field of pharmaceutical sciences has seen rapid advances that are critical to the discovery and development of drugs for chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and emerging threats such as new pathogens and drug resistance. By training with our experts, you’ll be on the best track to keep up with the constantly evolving field.


T32 training program Molecular and Systems Toxicology

T32 training program in Molecular and Systems Toxicology (NIEHS T32 ES029074) is a multi-disciplinary research mentorship program centered on training in systems toxicology including genomics/epigenetics, proteomics, and metabolomics as well as molecular approaches to investigate underlying mechanisms of toxicity. 

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Isabella Jaramillo
Email: Isabella.Jaramillo@cuanschutz.edu  
Phone: 303.724.7263

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