Previous Mechanisms and Barriers in Nanomedicine Workshop

There is a growing sentiment in the field that in order to increase the availability of nanodrugs for patients, the biological, pathophysiological, immunological and manufacturing/regulatory barriers to effective translation need to be addressed.

The goals of the two-day Mechanisms and Barriers in Nanomedicine workshop are to:

  • provide an educational forum on the barriers to nanoparticle translation;
  • provide a paradigm shift to overcome these problems; and
  • allow for open discussion among faculty, postdocs and graduate students, to trigger new ideas and concepts.



Fundamental issues in nanomedicine


Complement and immune uptake of nanomedicines: lessons from iron oxide nanoworms

Dmitri Simberg

Keynote: Tumor-penetrating peptides in nanoparticle targeting

Erkki Ruoslahti

Where the wild things are: Perivascular regulation of tumor cell dormancy and drug resistance

Cyrus Ghajar

Immunotherapy targeting tumor microenvironment and opportunities for nanomedicine

Stephen Dow

Improving nano-drugs' therapeutic efficacy through their interaction with tumor microenvironment

Chezy Barenholz

Physical and chemical mechanisms of targeting selectivity for mRNA nanomedicines for tumor immunotherapy

Heinrich Haas

Nanobioconjugates delivered through multiple biobarriers regulate laminin-411 - Notch pathways

Julia Ljubimova

Exploiting cells in the tumor microenvironment for nanovector based therapy

Biana Godin

The 4S parameters in the rational design of nanomedicines

Paolo Decuzzi

Biologics and peptides by a novel encapsulation process

Robert Prud'homme

Optimizing nanoparticle delivery of chemotherapeutics - The clinical challenge

Alberto Gabizon

Impact of nanoparticles on the tumor immunologic milieu: Promise and peril

Irene La-Beck

Nanoparticle-based MRI on tumor associated macrophages: preclinical and clinical utility

Natalie Serkova

Translation of a cancer nanotherapeutic into the clinic: A view from the trenches

Len Pagliaro

Preclinical immunotoxicity studies of nanotechnology-formulated drugs

Marina Dobrovolskaia

Perspective on nanomedicine climate and the science advances

Dorothy Farrell

Hyperthermia approaches for enhanced delivery of polymer therapeutics

Hamid Ghandehari

Biophysical barriers in respiratory drug delivery

Hugh Smyth

To target or not to target: Lessons from RNAi-based targeted lipid-based nanoparticles

Dan Peer

Extracellular vesicles-mediated penetration of therapeutic compounds in solid tumors

Ji Ho (Joe) Park

Nanoparticle-prodrug combination approach for treating neuroblastoma

Michael Chorny

Nanoghosts as a natural nonviral gene delivery platform for targeting cancers

Marcelle Machlouf

Best poster talks

Impact of Motif Organization on the Formation and Stability of Silk-Elastin like Protein Polymer Nanogels

Martin Jensen (University of Utah)

Nanoscale Colloids & Particles for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)-Initiated Imaging

Nicholas Blum (University of Colorado Boulder)

Hearing and seeing nanoparticle targeting with photoacoustic imaging

Jack Ho (Princeton University)

Event Organizers

Dmitri Simberg
University of Colorado

Thomas Anchordoquy
University of Colorado

Jared Brown
University of Colorado

Moien Moghimi
University of Copenhagen

Shadi Farhangrazi
Biotrends International
University of Denver

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