HTS/HCS Drug Discovery and Hit-to-Lead Drug Development

This site is specific for researchers interested in utilizing the D3SR Arm, which specializes in HTS/HCS probe and drug discovery using cellular and biochemical systems. We also specialize in three-dimensional (3D) HTS/HCS of complex cell-based models, organoids and tumor organoids (cell line or patient derived). This facility is newly renovated and features a new state-of-the-art custom robotic automation platform (the Explorer G3) that integrates new HTS/HCS instrumentation and equipment from PerkinElmer, and other leading vendors.

Other Equipment Utilized for Assay Development Not Integrated with The Explorer G3

  • Generation 1 Opera Phenix HCS System
  • Janus Automated Liquid Handling Platform (96- channel MDT heads and 8-channel Varispan)
  • Envision multi-mode plate reader (Filter based)
  • Columbus Signals Image Artist Server
  • 4-foot Bio-Safety Cabinet (safety level II)

Compound Libraries

Kinase Inhibitor Library (SelleckChem): 875 compounds including clinically relevant or FDA approved kinase inhibitors.

Spectrum Collection (Discovery Systems): 2,320 compounds approved drugs (50%), diverse natural products (30%), and other bioactive compounds (20%).

Custom Drug-Like Diversity Sets (120,000 compounds): These libraries are intended for discovering drug-like molecules that can be translated into novel intellectual property. Inherent to these libraries are derivatives of each chemical scaffold, which can yield SAR (structure-activity relationship) that can guide downstream medicinal chemistry efforts. These libraries have been filtered to remove undesirable compounds (PAINS)

  • Diversity Library 1 has 20,000 compounds (Life Chemicals).
  • Diversity Library 2 has 50,000 compounds (ChemBridge)
  • Diversity Library 3 has 50,000 CNS specific compounds (ChemBridge)

Other Drug Discovery Core Facilities


Computational Chemistry and Biology Core Facility

The Computational Chemistry and Biology (CCB) Core Facility provides a wide array of advanced tools and services for computational modeling simulations chemical and biological systems. 


Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility

The Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility can provide a range of services related to chemical synthesis and lead drug development. 


Mass Spectrometry (MS) Core Facility

The MS core facility utilizes advanced mass spectrometry instrumentation and techniques to assist researchers with their proteomic, metabolomics, and small molecule research.