Say What You See ID Puzzles
In this CE series you will solve Say-What-You-See puzzles and learn about infectious disease fundamentals and resources. Say-What-You-See Puzzles are also known as pictograms or rebus puzzles. These puzzles combine the use of pictures and letters to represent sounds or words. For example, the word “face” could be represented with F + an ace from a deck of cards.

Each picture is paired with an antibiotic, pathogen, or other infectious diseases (ID) term. The goal is to sort the ID terms in the correct order. When the ID terms are in the correct order, the pictures will create a word or phrase. You will have three attempts to solve each SWYS puzzle. Hints are provided after each incorrect attempt. Following each puzzle, the answer will be explained along with more information about the puzzle topic.

Example puzzle: Rank the following antibiotics in order of activity against E. coli in the US according to the website Resistance Map. Left to right, lowest rate of resistance to highest rate of resistance. When the antibiotics are in the correct order, what phrase do they create?


After using the Resistance Map you would discover the following information:

  • Fluoroquinolone resistance rate = 31% (data from 2016)
  • Amoxicillin/clavulanate resistance rate = 18% (data from 2012)
  • 3rd generation cephalosporins resistance rate = 15% (data from 2016)

When the antibiotics are in the correct order, what phrase do they create?


Solution = Stop, Hammer Time.

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