David Paul BBA

Information Technology Program Manager

Mistie Bjork PharmD

Senior Clinical Instructor

Michael J. DiStefano

Assistant Professor

Trina Larsen

Research Services Principal Pr

Erika Freitas PhD

Associate Professor Assistant Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Elizabeth Tomaro MA

Student Services Professional Academic Student Advisor

Ashley Mills

Student Services Professional Academic Student Advisor

Nicholas Barker

Research Services Professional

Ryan Coyle

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Shashikant Ray

Visiting Research Associate

Aditya Konar

Visiting Research Associate

John Carpenter PhD

Emeritus Professor Director of Business Development, University of Colorado Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Co-Founder and Co-Director

Oliver Titus MS

Data Analyst

Siyab Khan BA

Website & Marketing Specialist

John Bunker MA

Course Developer

Sydney Stoychoff MS

Recruitment Manager

Taylor Self M. Ed.

Education Services Coordinator

Kayla Bethea M. Ed.

Academic Compliance & Support Coordinator

Adam Jimenez BS

Assistant Director of Finance

Damilola Akintayo PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow
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